Oil Filter

Oil Filter

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How does a filter work?

The main functions of the fuel filter include:

Blocks particulate matter, moisture and impurities in fuel to protect the delicate components of the fuel system from wear and other damage.

Filtering out harmful particles and moisture from the engine's fuel system is critical to protecting components such as oil pumps, fuel nozzles, cylinder liners, piston rings, etc. from wear and clogging.

Reduce mechanical wear, ensure stable engine operation and improve its reliability.

Prevent the clogging of the fuel system, especially the fuel injectors, and reduce the formation of carbon deposits in the cylinder to ensure the power performance of the engine.

In addition, if the fuel filtration is poor, impurities in the fuel may clog the small holes in the carburetor, affecting the working efficiency of the carburetor, causing the combustible mixture to become thinner, thereby affecting engine performance.