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Chassis Parts

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What are the transmission parts?

The chassis transmission system is an important part, mainly including clutch, transmission, drive shaft, universal joint, main reducer, differential and drive axle shaft and other components. Its main function is to transmit the engine's power to the drive wheels to enable the vehicle to move. The transmission system has the functions of deceleration, speed change, reversing, power interruption, inter-wheel differential and inter-axle differential, etc. It works in conjunction with the engine to ensure the normal driving of the car under various working conditions.

The function of the clutch is to smoothly connect or temporarily separate the engine's power from the transmission, so that the driver can start, stop, shift, and other operations of the car. The transmission is composed of a transmission case, a transmission cover, a first shaft, a second shaft, an intermediate shaft, a reverse shaft, gears, bearings, operating mechanisms and other parts. It is used to change vehicle speed and output torque.

The driving system generally consists of the frame, axle, wheels and suspension. Its function is to convert the torque from the transmission system into the traction force of the ground facing the vehicle; to withstand various external forces and moments on the car; to reduce vibration, mitigate impact, and ensure the normal and smooth driving of the car.

The steering system consists of a steering wheel, a steering column, a steering gear, a steering assist mechanism, etc. Its function is to ensure that the car can drive in a straight line or turn according to the driver's wishes.

The function of the braking system is to slow down the car or stop it within the shortest distance as needed to ensure driving safety. The automobile braking system generally consists of service brakes, parking brakes, etc. Service brakes can be divided into disc brakes and drum brakes.